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Weight Out

I joined the Coast Guard in July, 2005 after three years of trying to lose weight, being medically fit, and overcoming fears of leaving home. During the first few years I was in, I thought about writing a book several times. Life was good. My units were awesome. I could write a motivational book about working through your fears, never giving up, and ultimately achieving your dream and becoming successful.

Then I reported onboard the Coast Guard Cutter Mellon, and I saw the dark side of the Coast Guard. I went from proactive and excited to isolated and depressed. I didn’t have anyone to turn to and was afraid if I asked for help, my situation would only get worse. I struggled with my weight and was on the “fat boy” program a couple of times. My health started to fade. I was diagnosed with acid reflux and PMDD.

After a transfer season, life got better. In my next two units, life was good again. But my struggles with my weight and health/hormonal issues were far from over and ultimately lead to my discharge in April, 2018.

It is now the beginning of 2019. A friend of mine suggested I still write a book. She suggested I write short stories and poems to describe the good, the bad, and the ugly. Not only was she hoping for success for me sales-wise, but she also thought telling my story would be therapeutic for me.

So here it is. My story. My journey.  I’m proud of how hard I fought to get into the Coast Guard. I’m proud of the 12.5 years I did. I have many success stories to share with you. I have many friends all over the country that I’m honored to know and call friends and say that I served with. I’m equally as thankful to be out of the Coast Guard. To be done with the weight program. To be on track to becoming healthy again.

My first book, Weight Out, is currently being edited and will hopefully be published by the end of 2019!!

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