A couple years ago I found out a former teacher was in the hospital in critical condition. His family was having a fundraiser to help pay for medical costs. I’m from a very small town. His son was in my class; his daughter was in my sister’s class. I wanted to support their family but I was in California and the fundraiser was in Illinois. I found out they were having a silent auction and immediately donated a clock.

A few years later a friend of my moms asked if I would donate some of my art for another silent auction. Christine volunteers with Patriot Flight Inc. Patriot Flight Inc. is a 501(c) (3) all-volunteer not-for-profit organization created to honor America‚Äôs Veterans for all their sacrifices. They fly our local veterans to Washington, DC to visit and reflect at their memorials for their service, sacrifices and memories. Unfortunately at that time I could not afford to donate my art, but I said I would sell her a couple pieces at cost. I sent two “soldier” pieces found in the Dollars In The Rough line under Sand Dollar Art.

I would like to donate more art to support events, fundraisers, and organizations that I believe in. Examples include, but are not limited to, Veterans, some medical awareness or fundraising campaigns, disaster relief projects, and First Responders.

If you think you have an organization that I would stand behind and would like me to donate something, please email and request a donation form. I reserve the right to refuse your request without explanation. Donating also gives me the right to advertise on this website and social media.