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Who do I look up to / respect the most and why?

I can’t answer this specific question. Because there are people who I “should” respect or who think I do respect them and I most certainly do not. Although I guess I respect them enough not to publicly make it known I don’t respect them. And for the ones I do respect (there is no way in hell I could ever narrow it down to JUST one), I would start listing them and inevitably forget someone. Which again, would lead to hurt feelings or bad relationships and I’m not into that.

So, instead, I have thought about everyone I do respect and why I respect them. And I have put together a list of qualities that I respect:

I respect someone who is honest. Someone who does what they say they are going to do. Someone who admits when they are wrong. Someone that will tell you things you don’t want to hear.

Piggy backing off that last statement, though, I respect someone who tells you at the right time and with love.

I respect someone who sees potential in other people and somehow knows how to walk the magical line between pushing them past their comfort zone but respecting them, their wishes, and their space.

I respect someone who, even at their breaking point, does not resort to yelling, name calling, or intentionally hurting someone just because they are pissed off.

I respect someone that helps other people out by helping them help themselves.

I respect a leader who takes the time to know their people and who defends their people—no matter who they are defending them against.

I respect someone who has hard lines / personal boundaries. It doesn’t make much difference to me what those lines/boundaries are. I respect someone who, for example, says they don’t drink. And no matter what setting they are in, no matter what peer pressure there is, no matter what kind of day they are having, they don’t drink.

I respect someone who can see the bigger picture.

I respect leaders/bosses/authority figures that are fair.

I respect people who try to bring out the best in other people.

I respect people who put in the work to make it to the top. And once at the top, are still willing to do the jobs of those below them, when/if needed.

I respect people who know and can admit when they are in over their head.

I respect anyone who asks for help.

I respect anyone fighting any kind of disease or mental illness and gets up every single day and attempts to be a better person than they were the day before.

I respect people who are raw, real, genuine, sincere, and who are not afraid of being vulnerable.

I respect people that are polite to waiters/waitresses, cashiers, customer service agents, etc

I respect people that tip well.

I respect people that take a genuine interest in other people and make them feel like they are important and valuable.

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