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Broken But Beautiful Products

In my January 11th blog post I talked about how/why I came up with my signature clock, Broken But Beautiful. I find that quote to be incredibly inspirational/empowering. Without projecting, I think I can safely assume that all of us feel “broken” at certain times in our lives. No matter what the cause is (illness, family emergency, job loss, etc.), I think it is important for us to remember who we are and that we still serve a purpose in life. I think it is important for us to remember that we are beautiful.

A couple weeks ago a friend of mine suggested that I expand my products beyond my art. At the time we were talking about different ways to expand my business / make more money, but beyond that, my goal in life and my goal for this business is to make a positive difference in people’s lives. How perfect would it be if we came up with an idea that achieved both goals?!?

My friend designed a Broken But Beautiful logo for me. Once that was done, it was time for me to decide what products I wanted to put it on. Clocks are home décor. My initial thought was to put the logo on other home décor items to match the clocks. I thought of vases, candles, picture frames, etc. I found candles/votives.

My go-to things to make me feel better are chocolate and writing. My next thought was to put the logo on items that would potentially make people feel better. I searched the internet and found coffee mugs, hot chocolate, and journals.

My last thought was inexpensive things that people buy for around the house or that I could potentially give away to promote the business. I found coozies, stickers, and Jelly Belly tins.

Eventually, when this business takes off, I would love to donate some of my profits from this line to charity. Bloggers, it’s time for you to weigh in!! What other products would you like to see this logo on? What charity would you like to see me support? If I use your idea, you will get a product for free. I look forward to reading your suggestions!!

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Art With Children

I’ve been babysitting since I was 12. I worked in a daycare for a couple years after high school. I volunteer as a Wish Coordinator with Make A Wish. Since I’ve been in the military, I babysit for people that I work with and just charge them gas money or dinner. Moving around is hard. Finding someone you trust and can afford in a new place is even harder. I try to make moving easier. I try to give parents a date night every once in awhile to alleviate stress from being in a new place or dealing with a spouse being gone 1/2 the time.

A couple months ago I was going to babysit three boys on base. Everyone I work with knows that I enjoy going to the beach and that I make clocks. When the kids asked my co-worker what I was like, my co-worker told them that I was the lady with the sand dollars. The kids were excited to ask me all sorts of questions about the beach, sand dollars, making clocks, etc. While my co-worker was telling me about this conversation with his kids, I had an idea. Instead of me telling the kids all about these things, why not let the kids make their own?

I came over with 3 pieces of 10×10 wood, some supplies, and a few sand dollars for each of the boys. It was right before Halloween, so I suggested the boys make Halloween signs. The boys loved it. They all put the base layer of paint on their wood. We ate dinner while it dried. After dinner I gave the boys paint pens. I thought they would write their names on the wood or write “Happy Halloween” Instead, they colored the sand dollars orange, making the sand dollars pumpkins! I both cringed and was inspired at the same time.

I plugged in the hot glue gun and helped each boy glue down their sand dollars / pumpkins exactly where they wanted them. I thought that would be the end of that and then we would watch a movie before stories and bed time. But the oldest boy wanted to hang his picture up. So we took a small picture off the wall and hung his up instead. Of course, the younger boys wanted to hang theirs up after that, as well.

Since that night went so well and we all had so much fun, I decided to do it again this past weekend. This time it was two girls and a boy. Adam did not want to paint at first. He was playing with the dog and kind of watching his sisters. The girls were having a lot of fun. Emily decided to mix paint colors and create some of her own. She made a blue/green color that I wish I could have saved and used on future clocks!! It was beautiful! After awhile Adam started to feel left out and asked if he could paint a plate. I’m not sure why a plate, but I, of course, let him.

After the base layer of paint was put down and some glitter was added, we went to an arcade for awhile. Unfortunately when we got back the glitter was not completely dried, so we had to wipe some off. Then the girls used the paint pens to add a few finishing touches.

Emily decided to give her uncle her board for his birthday, which was on Sunday. I took a short video on my phone of her holding her board and telling him that it was for him to “hang on his wall” and “happy birthday” Then I sent the video to her parents and uncle. It was the most heart warming thing I have witnessed in quite some time.

I would love to start hosting an art “class” for children 4 and up on the weekends. Or just include an art option when I babysit from now on. Children are so creative and inspiring. I love watching them decide what to paint and watching their reactions when their ideas come to life!

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Batman Mirror Clock

Geo and my former roommate (Mike) have been friends for 15+ years. Both of them are originally from Denver and Geo now lives and works in Las Vegas as a costume/prop designer/fabricator, stilt-walker, performing/visual arts, makeup arts, etc.   I met Geo a couple of times in passing and then really got to know him when he met Mike and I out in Pismo Beach in Oct of 2017. He has become one of my best friends and has helped me out a lot in this business adventure of mine. Amongst many other things, he made the stencil for my Patriotic Superman Clock.

My birthday is in January. Mike and Geo made their way back out to Pismo Beach to celebrate with me! (side note, I have the best friends in the world!! I’m a very lucky girl!) While we were there, we decided to combine business with play. I asked Geo and Mike to help me come up with a business logo (stay tuned!!) and Geo asked me to make a clock for him. At first this was an obvious yes. Of course I would love to make a clock for my friend. But then it quickly became intimidating. While I am talented and creative, Geo does it all!! Literally!! Check out his Instagram Pages (imstitches and mirrormanlv). How do you make a clock for someone like that?!? And what design do you do? I tried asking Geo what his favorite things were; no luck there. I asked Mike for ideas and Mike mentioned Mirror Man. Geo created the Mirror Man costume and performs in Las Vegas and around the country. It is a very intricate costume with several pieces of cut mirrors fitting together like a puzzle. Geo is extremely proud of this creation, as he should be. Mike’s suggestion was for me to include a mirror in the middle of a clock. I should have done that…

…But when you make a clock for someone as awesome and as talented as Geo, a plain one just. won’t. do. Geo also shares my love for Batman. And one night, in the middle of the night (of course), it hit me–make a Batman Logo out of Mirrors.

I have never cut glass before. My neighbor told me there was a tool for it and I went to the store. I carefully read the directions and googled instructions, too. Normally I would ask Geo for tips and advice, but I couldn’t ruin the surprise. I ordered different size mirrors and traced the logo on them from a stencil. I then very carefully applied a thin layer of gasoline to the mirrors and my tool. The design, of course, quickly rubbed off!!

Batman #1 turned out pretty good for my first time ever cutting glass. I put the clock together and texted Geo to surprise him and ensure he liked it. He said he loved it. Then we talked briefly about cutting glass.

Over the next few days I decided I could do better. While it was good for my first one, now I had some tips. I also knew what pressure it took to cut the glass and had an idea for how to get better curves. I ordered more mirrors and tore the original clock apart.

Batman #2 is awesome, minus the fact that Batman doesn’t have ears!! I seriously challenge any of you to get mirror ears!!! Glass cutting is NOT easy!! Geo loves the clock! He loved the first one, too, but I couldn’t put my name on it. Only the best for my best friends….and customers!!

I’m in Vegas right now visiting. The clock is hanging in his bedroom next to a giant circus poster and matches his Batman curtains perfectly!

Disclaimer: I am willing to do custom work for anyone IF it is something I am capable of doing. Batman Mirror Clock is for Geo only. I will not make this design again or sell it to anyone.

If you are interested in seeing Mirror Man live or if you want to see any of Geo’s other work, please visit his Instagram pages. He is very talented and also does custom work.




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Wine Cork Clocks

I fell in love with the beach and sand dollars in Southern California. However, I live in Northern California. Wine country. I’m not a heavy drinker, but I don’t know anyone, myself included, that doesn’t enjoy touring wineries. I prefer sweet white and dessert wines and don’t like reds. The menu selection is a little bit smaller and usually I volunteer to be the DD for my friends. I also enjoy going to different gift shops and seeing all the wine bottle toppers and charms. During Christmas I enjoyed seeing all the decorations. My roommate even made some Christmas tree ornaments out of wine corks. And then it hit me! Why not make wine clocks?

Using a cigar cutter, I cut the tops off of wine corks. I can use red or white ones pending the design/colors of the clock. Sometimes I like to use red for 12, 3, 6 & 9 and white for the rest. I love how the red wine stains the corks and think it gives the clock a little bit extra.

I started with a couple of basic designs and encouraged friends and family to come up with their own slogans. I had several Christmas orders for friends all over the country. You don’t have to live in Ca to enjoy a glass of wine!

Browse my website and choose a design. Or email me with a custom quote/saying and let me make you a one of a kind design!