In March of 2017 my roommate and I went on vacation and I found my very first sand dollar on the beach. A new passion was discovered. I made a plain blue clock for my roommate as a gift from our trip. As I went through some personal struggles, I created the “Broken But Beautiful” clock, which has become my signature clock / best seller! As time has gone on, several friends have challenged me to make different clocks. Living in Northern California inspired me to make some wine related clocks. My mom said she liked my art, but did not need a clock, inspiring yet more creations!!

Almost every product on this site is hand-made or designed by me. My goal is to create unique products that will bring joy to the buyer, a conversation piece for their home, a wonderful gift for a friend/family member, or inspiration to get through a hard time. Welcome to my page, business, life, passion, beach, and heart. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

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