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Just Breathe

I have been in therapy for a little over a year now. It is the best/worst thing I have ever done. And for every 2 steps forward I take, I feel like I take at least 10 backwards. Just when I gain insight on how to handle a certain situation, another, bigger one comes my way. Life is going smoothly…hmmmm…well let’s throw monkey wrenches all over that!!

My therapist has encouraged meditation. But you can’t exactly start meditating every time you may need to. In traffic? At work? In a crowd? In the middle of a fight? It doesn’t work.

Amongst all the chaos in our lives, it is incredibly important to Just Breathe. Worked up? Slow down your heart rate. Just Breathe. Anxious? Just Breathe. Mad? Just Breathe. You can breathe anywhere. It doesn’t require closing your eyes. It doesn’t require a lot of concentration. Just Breathe.

I wanted to create a chaotic clock with a calm center. The clock represents our lives and the center is our center. It is our inner peace. To create inner peace, Just Breathe.

This was my Christmas gift for my therapist, as well.

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