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Amethyst Clock / Healing Crystals

This business kind of fell into my lap. If you read the first blog post, the first clock was made for my roommate, Mike,  after we went to Pismo Beach for vacation. It was a way to save our sand dollars from our trip and it was a nice gift for him. I made a few other gifts and that was all I intended to do. After I posted pictures on Facebook, though, I had several people ask if I would make them clocks.

At first I was selling to friends for near cost. As interest continued to grow, though, I decided it was time to figure out where else to sell. Mike and I tossed around several ideas and, at the time, consignment stores seemed like the best way for me to sell my clocks. I searched and found two in the local area, Made Local in Santa Rosa, Ca. and Stones Throw Gifts in Cotati, Ca. I met with both owners and my clocks can be found in both stores.

I also volunteered to work at Stones Throw Gifts. The majority of the merchandise in the store is made by local Sonoma County Artists. We also sell a lot of healing crystals. I didn’t know anything about crystals when I first started working at the store. I suppose I never had to learn about them if I didn’t want to, but I’m the type of person who wants to be able to answer customer’s questions and be helpful versus just standing behind the register. I started walking around the store during my shifts to familiarize myself with where everything was located. Then I began looking up different crystals that I thought were pretty in our book to see what their healing properties were. From there I searched Capricorn. Then I searched my medical problems. It didn’t take me long to fall in love with crystals. (my favorites, so far, are malachite and blue lace agate)

My first “Just Breathe” clock was made as a thought “Amongst Chaos, Find Inner Peace” entered my head. The clock itself is colorful and chaotic with a blue “peaceful” center that says “Just Breathe.” Or in another version, around Just Breathe it also says “Amongst Chaos, Find Inner Peace”

I love this clock, but the feedback from the majority of people is that the clock itself is “too busy” or “too colorful” for a “Just Breathe” clock. So, back to the drawing board.

How do people go about “breathing?” What calms people down and allows them to find true inner peace? Prayer? Writing? Meditation? What healing crystal or crystals aid in this?

If you are just getting into healing crystals, amethyst is a good one to start with as it is a very versatile. Amethyst  helps with physical ailments, emotional issues, and in Energy Healing and Chakra balancing. Most people are very attracted to the beautiful purple color, as well.

Thus, my second edition of “Just Breathe” is here. Amethyst combined with sand dollars to allow for a calm atmosphere so the owner of this clock can find inner peace.


Special Thanks to Jessy Bloom and Joseph Rotstein at Redstone Minerals for the amethyst. You can find them on Instagram at #redstonecustoms.

You can also find their crystals and some of my clocks at Stones Throw Gifts in Cotati, Ca.


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